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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Comfortable horse riding apparel

Horseback riding is one of the energetic and exciting sport or hobby that I wanted to try. I have not tried this but I was able to sit at the back of the horse at stationary position only. I think it is exciting because as the horse moves or runs through different terrain, the rider will feel an intense feeling with the movement of the horse.

Mountain Horse Victoria Top
Horse Riding Apparel

When doing this sport or hobby, it is best to wear something comfortable. Continue reading

Welcome Year of the Water Snake 2013

Another year has passed and now we are approaching Year of the water snake. People who are born in 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, or 2001 are said to be in the sign of the snake. According to Chinese zodiac, people under this sign are believed to be deep thinkers, charming, and naturally good looking.

year of the water snake

year of the water snake, Image credit: photobucket by ischyryan

When it is Chinese new year, Continue reading

What to give this Valentine’s day?

Next month is hearts month. I will totally miss hubby because this is the very first Valentines that he is miles away from me. Valentines is a special celebration for everyone with a loving heart particularly lovers. I could  remember the first Valentines gift of hubby when he is still courting me. He gave me one white rose with chocolates. With my sisters at home he brought Jollibee hotdog and other foods. He used to be a working student before working as a service crew at Jollibee. Continue reading

Getting ready for work

By first week of February, I will be back to my regular online work. Although I already started with few extra online opportunities, I need to be prepared before the date.

I am still enjoying my mommy moments with my baby. I have sleepless nights but thankful that I was able to cope with it. A great news today that my expecting helper will be arriving tomorrow. Now I am preparing my lists of scheduled task for her so it will be organize and no dull moments for her. Continue reading

Thankful to my sponsors

This year has been a bountiful year for my blogs. I am so thankful to all the generous sponsors who trusted my site and consider it as one of the top mommy blogs in the Philippines. Although I do not join in most top blog contest or popularity contest, I am very grateful that advertisers found my esupermommy site to be in the list of reliable mommy blogs in the Philippines that brings good motherhood and family topics to the readers. Continue reading