Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Next family swimming

This year my family is so busy. It all about home construction and improvement. I thank God that our life progress reaching our dreams in life little by little. It is not that easy to have your own house and lot. I believe that every family should be independent and have their own house.

With family swimming we are still undecided and haven’t reserve the date and venue. Last 2011 we enjoyed Splash Islands. In 2012 we enjoyed much more in Palawan and now in 2013 because of our tight schedule we decided to have an out of town swimming that are near to the city. I have a four month-old baby so it is important that travel time should not be that long.

I am hoping for the best this summer.

Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehabilitation center is an agency that cares for a person and monitors the behavior with dependency on psychoactive substances like alcohol, prescriptive drugs, and illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and etc.  Such excessive intake is the cause of intellectual, psychological, social etc. problems of a person. Continue reading

Struggling – work, family and a baby

This is the most difficult time of the year for me. First of all, I am very thankful for my work and family. What makes it difficult is the situation that I am now experiencing. It is the season of my online work and I have to juggle around to perform my duties as a mom and as an independent contractor. It is not easy when you are a work-at-home mom especially now that I have a baby to take care of. Family is my number one priority. I am tied- up with mommy’s duties and also with my online work. Ever since I was a child I dream of having a happy family and having your own home is very important in raising a family. Acquiring a home now is my top goal and I am thankful that it did happen. The only problem is the home improvement before we move in. A lot of things to do to fix the house and now I felt tired. I keep on working hard with extra opportunities so that I can help with the budget. I feel like I am a robot without my sole life as a person that I give my whole self for my family. I am so stress I need someone to talk to. I miss bonding with my true friends especially my bestfriend. I just don’t have a spare time to make it happen. I keep on praying and found myself crying. I think it is still part of post-partum. I do not know but I can’t feel the affection of my husband especially now that I needed him. He might think that I am exaggerated but its true. I need a break I think I want enough sleep, relaxation and free myself for a moment from pollution and stress. I better see Sister Malou, I know she will listen and pray for me.

Super Adjusting Mommy

Now that I have two children, I am experiencing too much challenge. I just gave birth two months ago and now it is the season of my online work. With our new baby, my first child is still uncomfortable with the attention that we give to his baby sister. There is a sibling rivalry already. My little boy is so jealous with our new baby. Continue reading

Daddy and little boy at the Playground

The picture below was taken at Palawan where we stayed for  three days. It was a very relaxing vacation and we were able to reach different places in Palawan.

Daddy and child in a Playground

Daddy and child in a Playground

We went to Baker’s hill and there are also play area for the kids. My family enjoyed the trip there and this summer, we are excited to do family bonding again.

A signature electric guitar

Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster Electric Guitar is in its lowest price! Every rock star would love to have this guitar since it is associated with Dave Murray. To give knowledge for those who do not know Dave murray, he is one of the earliest members of Iron Maiden – a British heavy metal band.  Dave Murray became interested in music when he was 15 that lead him now to be the founder and guitarist of Iron Maiden. Currently he is already 56 but still love to rock n’ roll! Continue reading

A different kind of person

Every person is different. The attitude of a grown-up person primarily depends on the  history of her life. It reflects on her experiences, how she was treated, and how she was influence by the people around her. Parent plays a big role in raising their children. It is very true that family is the smallest unit of society where discipline begins.

I have met so many people. Rich, poor, Continue reading

List of Candidates for the 2013 Senatorial position

It is less than 80 days before the Philippine national and local elections for 2013.  It will be a very busy schedule for my mom and friends who are working at the Commission on National Elections office.

A vote is very important and should not be wasted that is why we need to know the candidates in the national and local elections. I copied the list below for the senator position and will be posting some of the information of each candidate in the following days.


The candidate for the Senator position are the following:

Continue reading