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Effective tuna diet | weight loss with tuna

Currently, I stopped my effective weight loss program plan which I started after the new year occasion welcoming the year 2010 for a healthy beginning. From my weight loss program I lose 3 kilos in almost two months and now I am maintaining my weight which is overweight no more. I decided to pause with my weight loss program because I have so much on-line work to do this season (mostly I slept only 4 hours a day) that’s why I wanted my body to absorb the best energy derived from food intake as I believe it’s healthier compared with taking vitamins and supplements. So what’s with an effective tuna diet? I just wanted to share the tuna diet of my brother-in-law which is also effective in his part.
Effective tuna diet

Effective Tuna Diet

Actually I interviewed my brother-in-law who is an Orthodontics by which seem so healthy with his body. Many would noticed him from the time he loses pounds then kilos from his not so overweight body before almost nine years ago and now still maintains a healthy body with this tuna diet.

  • For breakfast he would eat rice (1 cup) with a regular meal and the succeeding food intake with his lunch and dinner are fruits, Tuna flakes in vegetable oil (I saw the can it is 1 small can Century Tuna) with skyflakes crackers ( 2 pieces – that is 6 layer crackers) and for the drink he only drinks water avoiding soft drinks. If the viand is really tempting, he eat some without a rice.
  • This is his tuna diet plan where he start losing weight which he observed for a couple of weeks but of course there are an exception of days because with tuna alone you are not getting the proper nutrition (4 to 5 times a week then regular meal for the remaining days). He use this diet plan until he reaches his target which is the normal body weight.
  • It wouldn’t be effective without an exercise. During his first days of diet when he already lose weight, he exercise and monitor the calorie he loses using a “Timeworks exercise machine”. I also tried this machine but I think it is not ideal for women because you will be muscular if you use this.
  • Since then he manage to maintain his normal weight and he can eat what he wants. His secret of maintaining his normal weight now aside from tuna and skyflakes crackers are jogging exercise.
  • I also remember my two pretty officemates before maintains their sexy body by eating tuna and half rice every lunch time. When they eat lunch, they are joking that they are already developing fins and gills because of their tuna diet (lol).
There are really many ways to lose weight and we should always consider that when we lose weight we should also discipline ourselves. Let us always think a natural healthier way to lose weight.

Overweight no more with my weight loss program

I am so happy today because I am now on a normal weight that I am no longer overweight. Imagine from a body weight of 158 lbs. last October 2008 when I gave birth, my body weight is now 138 lbs.  I didn’t engage so much in dieting because it is not healthy to force yourself not to eat a balanced meal. My weight loss program plan really works without sacrificing my food cravings, my health and of course without spending a lot of money.  I still have excess fats that I have gained from my pregnancy and I would still continue to lose weight in a healthier way. 

My next plan is to reduce down my weight to 132 lbs. then I think I’ll be good when I reach 122 lbs. The ideal body weight for female with the height of 5’3 is 107 to 140 lbs so I would have to stick in that range to be healthy. Although I am in the borderline for the normal weight I am so glad that my weight loss program is effective. I’ll be posting my picture sooner with comparison for before and after for the proof.
Self discipline is the best key to achieve your goal. I hope I’d inspire you.

An effective way to weight loss

Are you one of the people seeking ways to lose weight? Well, in this post I would like to share my experience which I found safe, effective and natural way to lose weight.

When I gave birth to my son over a year ago, I have noticed many changes to my body and the major change is weight gain. I really don’t want to take any diet pills or surgery just to lose weight but I am not against to those who wanted that way it’s their choice.

I don’t want to deprive myself eating and enjoying delicious foods especially during the Christmas season so I started to monitor my food intake this January 2010 for my weight loss program. My aim is not to look sexy but to feel healthy and energize because I believe that if you have a good health (not obese) you can perform at your best and can work even better.

My weight loss program plan is during week days and I can eat a regular meal during weekends. They say that summer is the best time to lose weight so what I did is to find an easy way not that expensive way to to reduce fats in my belly. The best solution that I have found is to eat watermelon and skyflakes crackers instead of rice in lunch and supper.

Here is my weight loss program plan:
Note: The calories noted here is an approximate calorie count which I personally research


Do some stretching exercise for the arms, legs and hips about 8 to 12 counts (this will make you feel better the whole day)
1 cup Steamed Rice (271 calories)
hard boiled egg or fried egg (optional) (90 calories)
Choice of any kind of fish preferably tuna (115 calories) or pork of about 2-3 oz.( 4 to 6 tablespoons – 205 calories)
Skim milk (80 calories) or whole milk (150 calories) or coffee ( according to study coffee helps increases metabolism )
Enough water approximately 2 to 3 glasses

1 pack of skyflakes (120 calories) and 2 cups of watermelon ( approximately 92 calories)
any vegetable available preferably green leafy if available at home ( like garlic kangkong – 150 calories)
1 glass of water

Afternoon Snack:
1 cup of watermelon (46 calories)
1 pack skyflakes (120 calories)
2 glasses of water

If sleeping early at 8pm I’ll eat just 1 skyflakes (120 calories) and drink 2 glasses of water
If sleeping late I’ll eat tuna ( about 3 tablespoon – 70 calories ) and any leafy vegetable (good for digestion – 75 calories) and 1/2 cup of rice (110 calories).

Approximately the total daily calories of my weight loss program plan are 1, 300 to 1, 400 calories.

The daily calories intake recommended for the average adult is 2, 000 calories (female) and 2, 500 calories (male).

In two weeks following my weight loss program plan I lose almost 1 and a half kilos then after another two weeks I lose again 1 and a half kilos. This is really a wow! So I still continue my plan.

I still have much research about weight loss which I personally experience that really works and I will reveal it in my next post.