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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Integrating wordpress into my website

Today I am really feeling sick but I don’t want to just to lie down because I want to accomplish my goal. Currently, my goal is to integrate word press into my existing website. Last night, I started the integration but I have to work more on editing and I have noticed that I should redesign my layout in CSS too. I am new in word press and still learning how it works especially the codes, I wanted my design (simple and easy to navigate) so I am exerting effort to integrate WordPress. 
Why integrate WordPresss to my website? 
I decided to integrate WordPress because it is one of the most powerful CMS (Content Management System) powered by PHP and MySQL very good at link management, a search engine friendly and it has the ability to assign nested, multiple categories to articles. It saves your time when you are about to add some articles to your site because it will be dynamically updated and the good thing about WordPress is that it is an open source blog publishing application. There are many features of WordPress that is why more and more people are using it or even switching to this great application.
For the meantime, I believe I need some rest and have to sleep early so I will be better by tomorrow. I am praying that I can finish the integration and I will document the good points that I am doing so I can share it to interested individuals. The integration would really take time in my part because I am doing this only at night when my little kid is already asleep. I’ll be sharing the tutorial after I have successfully integrated and at least completed some articles in my website.

A newbie in web design and development

I am a newbie in web design and development and I wanted to learn more about it. I am still on the basics and a long way to learn. I have been praying that I can workout my website into the new trends of web development today. Nowadays, blog is getting to be popular and websites even turning their pages to be like this as the advantage is getting bigger with the current posting which people likes to be updated with the current events and products. 
With my website, I would still continue to study web design and integrate it with the web development. I may not focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and networking first but have to focus on the integration so everything will run smoothly. Although I already have a helpful topic about pregnancy, I freeze the posting in my website to give way with the integration. There will be some changes in my website with the integration and hopefully it will be better. 
My website will be running slow with the updates of the articles right now but will be better soon.