Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Sieve Shaker

Sieve shaker greatly help the task on segregating the biggest to the smallest without too much sweating. Hold on to that thought, what are sieve shakers, really? Sieve shakers are set of sieves of different sizes. The testing is done by this: the larger-hole sieves are on top and the smaller-hole sieves are at the bottom part. It causes the solids to sift continuously by shaking. The solid pan is at the bottom to have all the smallest stuff to pass through the smallest sieve. Continue reading

Sound Quality USB Interface

USB or the Universal Serial Bus helps us to transfer files from one device to another as define by the Encarta dictionary, USB is an external interface standard designed for communication between a computer and attached low to mid speed peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, etc. Cameras, videos, and audios were able to connect at computers because of USB and with that, here are some gadget samples that will fascinate you. Continue reading

Cool Promotional product

A business would not be a business without a product – whether that is tangible or a service. When conducting events or corporate gatherings, it is important to have token of appreciation for the guests by coming by to the said event. Corporate giveaways are ways for a client or a guest remember the event, and could also be an evidence of participating. Continue reading

Kinds of nameplates

Nameplates play an essential role to the offices as it displays the name of the person you are talkingto , just in case you forgot. Commonly, it comes in rectangles that come in different designs. Others are made up of metal sheets, woods, glass, and even plastic. Nameplates can be also a form of accessories
in the office.

Continue reading

Precious Gift to Prepare

Christmas season is the best time for giving gifts and presents to our love ones. Usually we prepare gifts depending on the use of a certain gift or to the likes of the receiver. People who are close to a person prepare a gift that is something worthy. A wonderful gift to consider is a watch.

Giving a watch is a special useful gift because for some it meant that the receiver is as valuable as a time. For some culture, they say that giving watch as a gift meant that your time is running out. It might be a goal that is unfinished or an opportunity that was ended. For me it is good to surmise that giving watch is a precious gift to prepare because the receiver will always remember you in time. That every moment is an opportunity to keep moving with time.

Ladies citizen watch

Ladies citizen watch

If I were to receive or prepare a watch, I like the Continue reading

Software Solutions for the Pet Care Industry

Nowadays, with the fast-paced environment of technology and methodology every industry needs to level up and apply useful ways to adapt and improve better solutions.  Even pet care industry needs certain solutions for proper care management.  K9 Bytes® Software is the leading developer of innovative software solutions for the pet care industry.

The  common practice in the pet care industries are the pet services. To better serve their customer’s need they provide wide range of services such as pet boarding, daycare, grooming, and training facilities. The K9 bytes kennel software management product suite provides a complete set of tools to effectively and efficiently run any kind of pet care services. Some of the pet care services feature service scheduling and vacancy, service packages, service bundles, commissions and pricing. Pet sitting and dog walking is a great pet care service feature where small business and single pet sitters and dog walkers can easily implement small inventory systems to add additional streams of revenue.

The K9 bytes website has an interactive design with a well-detailed information. You can easily view the products, tech support, product training, partners, resources and they have other services that the user might be interested. The software pricing, software add-ons, hardware and anything that you need to know with the product or service policies can be found by simply clicking “Store” link in the upper menu tab.

This will surely help the pet care industry to run and manage with less hassle and better management with their products and services. With the effective and efficient management, the business will progress and a great revenue will be achieved.

Beautiful handbags

Most women are fond of collecting shoes and bags. I can say that I am not a bag collector but I do love collecting different unique comfy bags. When I am working in an office before, I use to buy many bags and I schedule the use of each bag depending on my outfit, day or occasion. During those days when I bought additional bags, I usually gave my old bags to other people like my relatives or friends. Now that I am a work-at-home mommy, I still collect some bags but not as many as before. Continue reading