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Shopping at Landmark

Lately we have been shopping at Landmark. We prefer to shop here because we find that most of the products cost lesser compared to SM mall. At first we find it hard in the parking area because we usually do shopping at SM North Edsa but then after a couple of weeks, we now know the easiest way where to park.

Landmark in Quezon City is located in Trinoma mall. As a mom, I always do the budget and tried to look for fair price. Good thing that Landmark department store have variety of products from affordable fair price to the expensive high quality products.

Before I used to visit Ever Gotesco Grand Central Monumento for affordable quality products. But after the fire incident, Grand Central had stopped the mall operation and it was not re-built until now. I am glad that Landmark has affordable fair cost products that I can drop by from clothing to housewares.


Choosing Furniture for Children

Children love to play – and by that fact alone, your creativity will be limitless while incorporating ideas on how to choose the perfect furniture for your kids.

 Designing children’s bedroom is really fun rather than a headache. You tend to learn more about their interests from the biggest thing to the smallest. Let’s start by picking the colors for their walls. It’s better to use colorful designs that are not themed. This will allow your child to design their room on their own, like putting up posters, stickers, and their artworks on their walls. This reminds me of the time when nothing can put me to sleep but the glow-in-the-dark stars that I put up in my ceiling. Children love to design on their own!

Now for choosing the furniture, there is a special trend you can consider to follow. Most parents would choose woodtone or painted ones. As long as it has good accents or woodtone tops, it will be pleasing to their eyes.

 Searching for the perfect bed can be really costly. That is because children grow up so fast that you need to change them frequently. Starting with infants, you would need cot beds for their safety. This comes in various colors that can fit any wall design. When they turn to toddlers, you should move to a big junior bed that can last for a long time. Some would choose animated beds but that would be totally unpractical. In fact, it’s completely okay to choose a big bed for your toddlers because they would grow up easily and would be such a waste to buy another one. My mother used to put pillows around my bed when I was a toddler, and that makes it look smaller. When I reached a certain age, she started changing the bed sheets in time that made me feel I have a new bed whenever I see it. It works really well! If your kids share a room, bunk beds are perfect for saving space as well.

 Other furniture that children would most likely use are book shelves, wardrobe, desks and chairs. Let’s not forget that these items should not only be appealing to the eyes, but also be safe and secure. To make choosing the furniture more fun, mix match with your children and play along with them.

children furniture

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My Divisoria Shopping at a super low cost | Tipid Sulit sa Divisoria

Today my mama and I went to Divisoria to buy some low cost clothing. So what is Divisoria? Divisoria is a well known place here in the Philippines where you can buy a variety of products at a very cheap or low price whether it is for home, office, school,  industrial, events and for many other things. Where it is located?

Divisoria is located in the heart city of Manila which touches the different parts including Binondo, Tondo and San Nicolas. The most popular of these side-streets are Juan Luna, Ylaya, Tabora, Santo Cristo and Soler. Usually we buy in dozens when we go to Divisoria so we decided to go at the New Divisoria Mall located at the corner of Tabora and Sto. Cristo streets in Binondo because we can save more at their wholesale price. Other malls that can be found there are Tutuban Mall, 168 Mall, Meisic Mall and as we passed by recently there is a construction going on beside the 168 Mall which is said to be the 999 shopping Mall soon to open. Here are the photos of what I bought and guess how much it cost.

Divisoria Shopping at a low price
My mama also bought T-shirts, towels and shorts so we shared paying for the wholesale price. I bought 1 dozen of white hand towels, 3 T-shirts, 3 sandos, half dozen of undees, half dozen of shorts, 3 pairs of black socks, 1 white blouse (not in the photo), 1 duster (not in the photo)  1 pair of toddler shirt (for my little boy), 1 flat shoes (for comfy walks at the mall) and 1 wallet with 3 zipper division . It only cost me 2, 000 pesos for all the items including my transportation expenses and food, I even treat my mama at chowking in the New Divisoria Mall food court located at the third level. Mostly the items that I bought are for our everyday use inside the house (pambahay) that is why majority are white clothing for the comfortability at home since Philippines has a tropical climate. I patronize Philippine products so I am happy to know that we found a Filipino vendor selling different kinds of shirts, bags, towels and all kinds of give away items I have noticed that most items are Philippine made; the designs of the shirts (usually sold as souvenir T-shirts) and there is a tag Wow Pinoy in some shirt. The photo below are the items that we bought from there.
Cool cheap products at Divisoria

lowest shirt prices at divisoria mall

The price of this Shirt is only 65 pesos each but when you buy in half dozen (assorted designs are allowed), the price will be 60 pesos each so you have a 5 peso good savings for each. When you purchase this kind of shirts at the mall or any souvenir item store the price ranges from 100 to 250 pesos so it’s a big savings buying from them. Their exact location inside the New Divisoria Mall is at Pasilio JS 31-33(2nd Floor) with Telephone numbers 788-8689/7889933. The photo below is their actual store.

So you want big savings why not visit Divisoria and you will be amazed about the very low price and cheap cost of the different products there. 
Tips in Divisoria Shopping:
  • Before you go there make sure you have a list of what important things to buy because you will be tempted to buy as much because of the low price.
  • Bring coins and some smaller bills so that you can make bigger discounts (Tawaran sa mga vendors)
  • Always be alert and watch for your valuables; it is better to wear jeans with a deep pocket so you can just put the money there and avoid bringing big wallets.
  • Bring big plastic bags or lightweight big bags so if you buy the items you can just put it in one bag which is easy to carry.
  • When buying, always double check the quality of the items. Although the items are cheap it doesn’t mean that you will buy a low quality products.
  • Your body should be condition because you will need more walk in shopping there and you will encounter too many people oftentimes crowded.
  • I suggest you start your shopping at Divisoria in the morning at around 9am-10am so there will be less people and not that too crowded.
 Although I am also buying some signature clothing, Divisoria will always be a part of my shopping at least twice or thrice a year buying for summer, whenever there is an occasion and during Christmas season.

Budget Wedding in the Philippines | Tipid wedding

Budget Wedding in the Philippines
Next month is said to be a wedding month, Are you one of the “June bride and groom“? Nowadays, it is getting very popular the December wedding instead of the June wedding; I think it is because the month of December is very ideal with a good weather condition in the Philippines and a good new start for a new couple to welcome the upcoming new year for the succeeding month. I was very happy to know that many people appreciate my website related to budget wedding, tips and procedures here in the Philippines although I am still on the process of updating it many are sending positive feedback’s about it. In that website, I shared my experience in handling and organizing my own wedding like the wedding process in the Philippines, budget low price wedding gowns, budget hotels, churches and caterings which turned out to be successful. So if you are getting married here in the Philippines kindly visit my website for tips and suggestions.