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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Happy Mother’s day!

I would like to greet all mom’s,

I thank my mama that she raises me up and my siblings with good Christian values and self-discipline.
She let me see what a wonderful world we had to explore and thought me how to believe in one’s dream.
Mother is always there through ups and downs, she listens, comforts and almost gave everything she has to keep us happy, safe and strong.
She wants to see us in our best and achieve our goals.
Now that I am a mom, I won’t waste my time to be a super mommy like my mama for my child.
I love you mama!

Philippines Automated Election 2010 Voting Process

The Philippines national elections day will be on May 10, 2010 by which the precinct will open from 7:00am and will close at 6:00pm. It is the first automated election in the country so I would like to share the video that I have found from for the new voting process. Each of our votes is important; I am encouraging the Filipino citizens to participate in the national election because our next future leaders are in our hands.

Please watch the entire video for the voting process.


A Meaningful Holy Week

Today is Palm Sunday (Passion Sunday) and we heard the mass at the church near to our home in Caloocan City. There are many people attended the mass that almost covered the entrance of the church and I am really glad to see people in different walks of life.

 As Christians, we celebrated Palm Sunday as  the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem in the days before his Passion. It is said from the bible (Mark 11:1-11; Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19) that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, people welcome him by waving Palm leaves, lay down their cloaks in front of him and also lay down small branches of trees. Here in the Philippines we(Catholic) commemorate the Palm Sunday with our decorative palm fronds “Palaspas” which is made from young coconut palm leaves, locally called ibus, which have not opened. These palaspas are brought to the church to be blessed in the Palm Sunday mass and waved in the beginning of the mass as the priest enters. After the blessing of our palaspas we take this home and put it at the back of the door, window or at the altar as we believed that these will turn away the bad spirits. 
It is already the start of the holy week and in this week, I will probably do some reflections to be a better person not only for myself but for everybody. The holy week reminds us the Passion of the Christ which has a very meaningful values in our lives. For Catholics like me when it is holy week,  I avoided to eat meat (pork, beef or chicken) and also avoided partying because I really keep this as Holy Week. As much as possible, I find ways to do good things and make people happy. Usually our family is staying at home when it is holy week and a simple good thing I’ve done during holy week is to to clean the house especially the unreachable parts of the house and I also make an effort to organize some things in our home that needs to be fixed. In this way our home will be a comfortable place to live in and people around will feel relax. You will not only make your family happy but you will also burn calories which is good for weight loss. Another good thing that I do is calling my old friends or relatives and greeting them “Hi” and asking them “How do you do?”. In this way, it will make them feel that you still care for them even if you are not always seeing each other. Lastly, since I also organize some things in our home during holy week, when there are excess things that we don’t need anymore we usually give it to other less fortunate people so they can still use it. I have noticed that when we give them those little things I can see the glow in their faces and their eyes mean a lot aside from being thankful.
If we do good things (big or small) in return we will be blessed with so many things. It may not be the material things that you’ve been wanting or may not be seen nor touch but it may lead us to really feel the true happiness in life.
I hope I’d inspire you.

Earthquake felt in the Philippines (3/25/2010)

I was focus with my work online at home when suddenly I felt something shaky, my computer chair has wheels so it moves a little when I encountered this. To prove what I was thinking I turn around the house,  observed and I have noticed that the hanging objects inside our home swings, there is an earthquake and I check the time it happened at around 1:29pm today. I tell it to my father who is currently eating at that time but he told me that he didn’t felt the earthquake so he open the television for any news updates. After a few minutes there was a flash report from GMA 7 reporting that there was a magnitude of 6.2 earthquake occurred in the Philippines particularly West of Manila . In the news, the reporter interviewed PHIVOLCS representative(Sorry I didn’t get the name) and asked if there is a Tsunami alert. The PHIVOLCS representative said that there is no Tsunami alert because the magnitude for an earthquake for the Tsunami alert should be at the magnitude of 7.0. 
I thank God that we are safe and that earthquake just passed by without affecting or even hurting any individual.
Thank you Lord.

Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Winners

Major winners from left to right: Bb. Pilipinas International – Krista Arrieta Kleiner (Candidate No. 11)
Bb. Pilipinas Universe -Maria Venus Raj (Candidate No. 10) and Bb. Pilipinas World – Czarina Catherine Gatbonton (Candidate No. 21),
I have watched Bb. Pilipinas at the televesion (GMA 7) live at the Araneta Coliseum, March 6, 2010.
At the opening of the pageant, the candidates introduce themselves and I choose my bet which is candidate #No.21 which shows to be a Filipino beauty. I was right she won the title Bb. Pilipinas Ms. world.
Here are the winners:
2nd Runner-up – Helen Nicolette Henson (Candidate No. 18)
1st Runner-up – Dianne Necio (Candidate No. 22)

Bb. Pilipinas International – Krista Arrieta Kleiner (Candidate No. 11)
Bb. Pilipinas Universe -Maria Venus Raj (Candidate No. 10)
Bb. Pilipinas World – Czarina Catherine Gatbonton (Candidate No. 21)
Top 10 Finalists:
Candidate No. 1 – Mariella Castillo
Candidate No. 13 – Gwendoline Ruais
Candidate No. 19 – Kate Princess Alimurong
Candidate No. 17 – Rose Ann Aguilar
Candidate No. 22 – Dianne Necio
Candidate No. 11 – Krista Arrieta Kleiner
Candidate No. 14 – Mary Ann Ross Misa
Candidate No. 10 – Maria Venus Raj
Candidate No. 18 – Helen Nicolette Henson
Candidate No. 21 – Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
Special Awards:
Ms. Fit ‘N Right – Helen Nicolette Henson (Candidate No. 18)
Best in Swimsuit Competition – Krista Arrieta Kleiner (Candidate No. 11)
Ms. Philippine Airlines – Helen Nicolette Henson (Candidate No. 18)
Best in Long Gown – Maria Venus Raj (Candidate No. 10)
Texters’ Choice Award – Laurese Ann Caparas (Candidate No. 7)
Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award – Czarina Catherine Gatbonton (Candidate No. 21)
Araneta Center Shoppers’ Choice Award – Selena Antonio (Candidate No. 4)
Ms. Photogenic – Helen Nicolette Henson (Candidate No. 18)