Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Prenatal Check-up Today

Today is my schedule of my prenatal check-up. I am already on my 28 weeks of my pregnancy. Each day I am truly excited. The more the baby grows the more I can feel her in my womb. I wake-up so early today to prepare for breakfast and to attend to hubby.

I have check some urgent task with my online work and also check my emails. Today is also the day for hubby’s decision to take effect. In my recent post about “In the midst of a career decision“, I have mentioned about hubby’s status in his employment. I prayed this it will be a wise and smart move for the future of our family.

Thank God for always being here for us. Let us hope for the best!

Mommy Full Day Activity – Motherhood is Priceless

Thank God. I am now done with work online. My fingers and eyes were tired.. I need some rest. In the morning, I cooked sweet ham and hotdogs for breakfast. Before lunch I cooked Chicken Afritada and Fried Chicken.

Filipina Mommy and toddler

Filipina Mommy and toddler

This is a quick post. Late in the afternoon to take a nap with my little boy who is playing different games using my smart phone while I work. Before he started playing, I let him trace and write letters. Before bedtime, sometimes he would still trace, write and color as his past time activity. The special bonding activity that we do is to read bedtime stories. Continue reading

Wonderful feeling of a Mama

You are tired and still wants to do more. You did your work and planning for another task to be done. Every day is another discovery. There are no bored moments. You wake up with your child’s call, sometimes in your own body clock but most of the times  earlier than expected; that is the call of a mama.

Filipina Mother and Filipino toddler

Filipina Mother and Filipino toddler

As you see your child growing up and he learned several things that you have taught, you always wanted to give him the best that you can. Your husband is working hard for your family. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

I would like to extend my warm greetings to all father or daddy in the universe. Happy father’s day!

A family with a father beside you is so precious. Why? All father are very protective and loving in different ways. They may not be as showy like mothers but you can truly feel their tender love.

No matter how strict or protective our father maybe, they always think the safest things for us while mother supports him with her best.
One word to describe my father – Generous! He may not be a good provider financially but he is a very good man in deeds and is always willing to help to the extent of his abilities.

I thank God that my husband is a good man and a father too. He is a good provider for our family with love, strength and a protection that we need.

Life update

I have been very busy for a couple of months. May is my busiest month. Three weeks ago, my family and I have been to the Palawan underground river.

Even though I have spent three days vacation, there are many things to accomplish. My little boy is going to preschool this year. We are excited and like many parents, I am a hands-on mom. I want to make sure that the things everything will be fine for his first schooling.

With online work, there are still volume of task to complete. I hope to work more this week. My notebook computer has a hardware problem. It will take time before I can use it again. I have to bring it to the service center since it still have a service warranty. Good thing that I have extra computer to use but I need to back-up data.

About my health, I have cough and I hope to feel better.  For the past several days, I cannot sleep comfortbly due to cough. My pregnancy is fine. I am just craving so many delicious foods. Sometimes I have a bad mood but I am trying keep a good aura.

I pray to be always a better person. I hope this mid year things will be running smooth as always. Thank and praise God for all the blessings.

Exhausted WAHM today

I felt very exhausted today. This is the last day of toddler’s playgroup of my son. Thank God after eight sessions I can now rest for a while. I am feeling unhealthy lately. I think it is about my lifestyle. Although I ate healthy foods, I cannot have  regular healthy exercise and the fact that I cannot sleep in normal hours.

It is only Tuesday but I am feeling that it is Friday. I am done with my regular online work and still I have extra online opportunities to pursue. I am grateful that my humble good cousin agreed to be my virtual writer for the meantime this summer while I am taking the season of my work.

This blog is my outlet. I cannot speak to anyone here because I am working at home. Same with my fellow work-at-home moms that they use their blog as a journal. Praise God! All my sites are doing good. I am so happy.

I have so many things to share in my site but I only have limited time. Now it is time for my little boy to eat dinner and time for me to rest.

I need to be energize. Eat, bond with family and sleep that is what I have to do.

Happy Tuesday!

A little update about me

I am sick today and I hope that I will be good in two days. What makes me sick is the lack of enough sleep. A few days ago my son is sick and I really cannot sleep at night as I monitor his condition. I think for the past week I only slept two – three hours in a day. Lack of enough sleep lower the immune system.

Plus the factor that I fully cleaned our bedroom even if I am already feeling something bad inside me. I prayed to have an immediate recovery because I have lots of good things to do. I thank God that there are loving people around me to support me in times like this like my family. I hope for the best for everybody. I have upcoming wonderful sharing in my next post about body massage and lunch date with my hubby.

See you in my next post…

My little boy is sick

I can’t sleep at night when my little boy is sick. He has a fever and cough. I have been monitoring his temperature. I prayed for his fast recovery. My heart is aching in times like this when I see him having headache due to fever and cannot sleep continously through the night.

I cannot do my extra online activities like creating informative articles but it is fine. Family is always my top priority. I feel dizzy now because due to lack of sleep. The strands of my hair started to fall again because of unhealthy habit and stress. I am a mother and I should be strong!

Time Management for a manageable WAHM

Time. I really need to manage my time right now. The first quarter of the year is always a peak season for my beauty (lol). Every corner of the house has a lot more thing to do. From the time I wake up before I sleep at night there is no mess time. Sometimes when I relax I just can’t stop wasting my time. Life has many good things to offer. For this year, I need to set  new time management for a manageable work at home mommy.

Being a work at home mommy is a super multitasking  job for me. I took care of the house, family and at the same time I work online. I need good time management to accomplish my super mommy activities. I need it now. I will pause for 40 minutes from online work later to cook sinigang na hipon for lunch, take a bath and have my little boy a good bath also, eat lunch, finish work online, blog activities, clean our bedroom, play with little boy, prepare for dinner and bonding time again with family. What a full day!

At night, bonding time with my little son reading books and watching educational movies for him then when he sleeps that is the time for me to continue my blogging and site activities.. Isn’t it wonderful!

This weekend will be a full also. We have a family activity this Saturday at the mall then we have a schedule to visit a close family friend. On Sunday, it is church mass time then we have a pampering body massage. I really need to fix my time management for the first quarter of the year. Then upcoming big activity is the house improvement before we move to a new house.

Inhale… Exhale… I can do it!