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DSL internet connection problem

Currently I have no internet connection. It is really hard to complete my task when there is no internet connection since I work at home. I already called their technical for service and hopefully it will be fix right away. My internet service provider is Bayantel. They have the 24 quick service so hopefully my internet will be immediately fix.

Thankfully, I have a smart phone that I could use temporarily or mobile internet but it is limited and incomparable to computer.

Intermittent Internet Slow Speed Connection

After the very strong earthquake that hits Japan yesterday, I have encountered an intermittent internet slow speed connection. I believe I tried everything to optimize my internet browsing experience and also tried different web browsers but still it has the same problem.
Some websites are loading but 80% are not. Major websites like,, and loads just fine in my computer but most websites are not. I can’t do my extra online activities like blog hopping, updating my other sites with new articles and contents, joining blog meme’s and updating my fellow blogger communities.
I hope tomorrow it will be back to normal so I can update my online activities.

My simple solution to email spoofing

Last March this year, I received an email from my Aunt in Singapore saying she has been receiving funny email messages from me and I was told that she knows it is not me who is sending the email but it could be someone who is trying to use my email settings to trick the receiver to open the message or click a link to a website. Since I am not always using and checking my yahoo email address, I am alarmed that maybe someone is using my email address, hacked my email settings and the worst that I am thinking is that it could mess up all my contacts.
Are you one of the victims of email spoofing? In this post, I would like to share a simple solution to stop email spoofing but before that let us know “What is email Spoofing?”

Email Spoofing is a technique commonly used to spam email and phishing so they can hide the origin of an email message which may occur in different forms but same result. An email message appears to have originated from one source when it actually sent by another source. The spammers uses a special software to alter the email header and create random sender addresses. Usually their purpose is to spam, promote products, website or even get important information from the receiver to forge.
Signs that your email address has been used for email spoofing:
  • You will noticed in your sent box that you have sent messages to multiple email addresses from your contact lists without your knowledge.
  • You may receive bounce email messages saying that the your message has not been successfully transmitted to a certain address due to some incorrect email address (not in your contact lists) that was included in the spoofed email.
  • You will also noticed from the sent messages of a spoofed email that some of the email addresses included was system generated based from your contact lists but actually they do not exist that’s why you are receiving bounce messages.
  • The sent spoofed messages usually contains a one sentence message encouraging the receiver to open any attachment in the email or click on the message below to be redirected to a website they are promoting.
 How to prevent email spoofing?
  • Do not open any suspicious email attachment and do not click a link in that email.
  • For security purposes, do not give any important personal details, password or sensitive information to emails claiming to be a person from authority (you should always verify)
  • Avoid sending the forwarded email messages especially when it has many attachments. If you really wanted to share a forwarded message better edit or remove the other email addresses that were included in the forwarded email so the email address will not spread for possible email spoofing.
  • Never reply to a suspicious spoofed email.
My Simple Solution to stop email spoofing 

My yahoo email address was infected with the email spoofing which started last March 26 when I forwarded a forwarded message from a friend and ended last March 29, 2010. I observed the email format of the spoofed email sent to some of my contact list and I waited for some bounce messages. I found out that based from my contact list the spammer’s special program also creates a similar close account email address so they can be sent in volume by which some email address it created doesn’t exist..I change my email password but it didn’t resolve the issue but at one point you are secured that nobody is logging in to access your email.
I did not use any email spoofing software to stop it but instead I studied and observed  the simple things that I can do to resolve the spoofed email. The simple solution I did to stop this email spoofing with my email address is to totally delete all my contact lists.  Before I do that, I migrated my all email contacts with my other email address (gmail) then after deleting all the contacts in my yahoo mail the email spoofing had stopped. After one week I restore my contact list in my yahoo mail, observe again if there will be email spoofing and I am so happy that it really stopped. I know that there are many other ways to resolve email spoofing and if you know one please share it here.
If there’s a will, there’s a way.
I hope I’d inspired you.