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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Visita Iglesia in Quezon City

This Holy week 2012, I am planning to spend a day with my Visita Iglesia in Quezon City. Last year, my mom and I have visited seven churches in Manila for our Visita Iglesia. It was so nice to visit different churches and learn the latest updates and view of the church. Maunday Thursday is my target day for my Visita Iglesia and now I am starting to take down the list of the churches to visit.

List of Churches for my Visita Iglesia in Quezon City

  1. ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE PARISH – ADDRESS: #3 Sct. Rallos cor. Timog Ave., Mo. Ignacia & Sct. Santiago St. Brgy Laging Handa, Quezon CityCONTACT NUMBERS: (02) 414-5503, (02) 371-9690,DATE OF ESTABLISHMENT: September 21, 1979FEAST DAY: Last Sunday of January
  2. Sta Rita De Cascia at address South Lawin, Philam Homes subdivision.
  3. Santo Domingo Parish at address #537 Quezon Ave.
  4. Sto. Niño Parish Shrine at Bukidnon Street, Bago Bantay
  5. Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Parish at Dona Juana Rodriguez Ave. (formerly Broadway Ave.), New Manila
  6. Most Holy Redeemer Parish at Brixton Hill St., Araneta Ave.
  7. Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Parish at address #124-13th Ave., Cubao

I will be plotting the map and plan the order of the church to visit first up to the last. I hope to visit the seven churches in Quezon City. May God shower us strength in commemoration of the Holy week. Have a meaningful and blessed week!

Palm Sunday

Today if Palm Sunday and the start of the holy week. The holy week is a great time of the year to do some reflections and learn to be a better person. In the Philippines when it is Palm Sunday, the Catholics bring Palm or “Palaspas” to be part of it.

Palm Sunday 2012
Palm Sunday

 (Mark 11:1-11; Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19)- Jesus entered Jerusalem, people welcome him by waving Palm leaves, lay down their cloaks in front of him and also lay down small branches of trees.

In the Philippines we(Catholic) commemorate the Palm Sunday with our decorative palm fronds “Palaspas” which is made from young coconut palm leaves, locally called ibus, which have not opened. These palaspas are brought to the church to be blessed in the Palm Sunday mass and wave in the beginning of the mass as the priest enters. After the blessing of our palaspas we take this home and put it at the back of the door, window or at the altar as we believed that these will turn away the bad spirits.

Let us commemorate and attend the mass for the Palm Sunday.

Happy Sunday!

Woo! Another full week has passed and we are now on the first month of Summer. Today is the birthday of my beautiful mother. I am excited for our dinner. I am so lucky to be her daughter and to be in their wonderful clan.

Most people say that their mom is the best mother in the world. Honesyly, she is my best mom because she is a very good mom to our family. She influence us to be well-discipline, finish our studies, provide everything she can, taught us to deal fair and be generous and most importanly she instills us the important value of humanity and that is respect at all ages.

I will post a special greeting especially for her. Happy Sunday! I wish everyone to spend this day a meaningful family day. :)



Updating my inspiring blog

Ooops! I almost forgot to write a post here. It is the season of my work and I am so thankful for all the blessings. This is just a quick post for the meantime. I will be preparing future post here. It feels like it is Friday today. Happy leap day! To all celebrating their birthday today, Happy leap birthday  :) !


It is work work and work all over this week. I hope I can have a relaxing weekend! Let us celebrate the leap year with power and happiness.

Thankful Friday

Today, I am so thankful for all the wonderful blessings that God had showered. There are many good extra opportunities coming my way. I am always thankful for my regular online work that my employer have trusted me to be one of their colleagues. I am thankful that my little boy has a good mental development although he there are times that he is naughty. I am so much thankful that when I look around there are good changes that I see. I praise God that my family’s health are now in good condition.

For every person that I encountered today, I am thankful that they are kind. I am so happy and thankful with my husband. Its a thankful Friday for me. Thank you!

Inspiring answers to Nice to Know you Wednesday on a Weekend + giveaway

Nice to Know you Wednesday on a Weekend + giveaway has five questions for the day to answer. To join in the giveaway let me answer the five questions with my inspiring answers.

1. How’s 2012 been treating you so far?

Answer: The year of the water dragon 2012 has been so very generous to me. I was overwhelmed with the blessings that me and my family received. Part of our dream of owning a house and lot is coming into reality this year. My earnings and opportunities from my extra online activities through blogging is growing up considerately.

2. What’s the latest thing you got in the mail?

Answer: The latest thing that I got from the mail was a good offer for the review of a site in my mommy weblog.

3. Mums like us can be very busy + would almost always have a hard time finding time for ourselves, so what have you done for your “me-time” lately?

Answer: For my “me-time”, I am targeting for a weight lose but unfortunately I just maintained the current weight that I have because I got sick. My me-time focuses first for my little son on his weight gain. I was so happy that I was able to meet the healthy alternative foods for my son because he has a low appetite and sometimes a picky eater too. When I see how my efforts work for my little boy it means so much for my me-time.

4. What is the last thing you bought for yourself just because?

Answer: I am a so budget wise mom especially now that we are preparing for our house construction. I spend a little for myself for the past two months but I voluntarily help my husband for the things that we bought for our car. It is not about what I bought for the first quarter of the year but it is the big investment that I saved for my family. Isn’t it good to hear?

5. Received any good news lately?

Answer: I am so thankful for most of the good news that I have been receiving lately. I am excited, nervous and so grateful that for the past few weeks, I have been receiving great offers for my mommy weblog “Experience of a Super Mommy” from different local advertisers and several international paid task.


Nice to Know you Wednesday

Nice to Know you Wednesday

Welcoming the Love Month – February

It is now a month full of love and affection. We are approaching the Valentine’s Day held every February 14 of the year.  In valentine’s day, traditionally lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering chocolates and sweets, and sending greeting cards. Most lovers spend a date with their loved- ones. Even if you do not have a lover or a husband, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family and friends. 

Love has many different meanings. Just like the love poem created by my husband when he fell in love with me.

welcoming love month february

welcoming love month february


It feels good to be in-love. Everything around you seem so right and happy. You always wear the unexceptionable smile that looks so charming and appealing. Let us spread the goodness power of love this month. Spend a special date with your loved-ones.

Lunch Date with my husband

This was a late post. Three weeks ago, my husband and I spent a lunch date after a relaxing body massage at Bioessence. I am thankful to the privilege pass of Bioessence given by One Hyundai Club Life in Style. We ate at Don Henrico’s along West Avenue. Onion rings are our favorite but we are unlucky that time because they run out of stock.

Filipino Couple
Filipino Couple

We just ordered spaghetti with meat balls, vegetable delight pizza and Calamari Fritti. Honestly, we are so thrift when eating at a restaurant . We do not wanted to waste time and money so before we dine in, we arrange our budget limit and we should both agree on our orders. My husband and I reminisce the first time that we ate at Don Henrico’s a few years ago. We were not yet married that time and we only use a motorcycle. We are so happy that our life progress  and we do not have regrets that we have each other now. I was trying to search for our first picture at Don Henrico’s but I couldn’t find it.

This year we have a big family project. That is the construction of our future home. In my recent post, I have shared that I was trying to do the architectural design of our house. Finally, after several months I came up with the House Improvement plans with the architectural design of our house.

Better days

Praise God! My voice is back and I am feeling better after being sick for couple of days. I am back to be a super mommy. My daily activities are always full and no wasted time. I have worked many task today with my online work preparing for the season of work. It will be better days to approach. My husband and I are so excited with our house improvement. We really wanted to move to our new house this year and we are hoping that our plans will take place just right in time.

At night, I am updating my blog sites. I am so happy with the good amount of traffic of my blog “Experience of a Super Mommy”. I just recently upgraded my web hosting plan because it might exceed the bandwidth limit. The birth of my blog “Cash and Investment” inspired me to monetize and budget more wisely. With this blog, I am also updated with the latest updates about good investments that I consider especially to a work at home mommy like me. The only target that I have not accomplish yet is to get a driving license and personally create a wordpress website template. How I wish I can add those things to my schedule but it is always full and I prioritize more being with my family.

Let us have our better days to do things rightly. These days should not be wasted.

The Fruits of my online work

I am so happy with the fruits of my online work. It helped me and my husband in our finances at home that we were able to buy the extra needs and wants. I started blogging in the last 2010, reading about web design, SEO and the like. I started earning from my  blogs in the last quarter of 2010. The year 2011 followed with good opportunities and open great events that I have attended as a blogger. Somehow I can say that it was a success for me to achieve certain things like this. I do not need an award for my blogs to be considered  successful because the natural comments of the people that helped them through my blog posts and articles are already my lifetime awards. Helping  people and inspiring them through my blog post makes me truly happy.

The main purpose of my blogs is to inspire people, share my experiences and knowledge. Earning money from it is a blessing that I used to maintain my blogs and I praise God that I was able to share funds to some charities and needy individuals. There are lots of things that I already spent from my online earnings like Condura Aircon, Toshiba notebook computer, sharing to our digital camera, smartphone cellphone, some signature bags and clothing, business, etc. but the most important proceeds of my online work went to having a good investment that I use as a revolving investment.

There is always sweet fruits with right and honest attitude. Importantly, you must share your blessings to others especially to the most needy ones but I hope that there will be no abusive people that I have experience. I will not let you abuse my humble sharing because I will make you realize how to live positively, be independent and how to work hard.