Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

What to give this Valentine’s day?

Next month is hearts month. I will totally miss hubby because this is the very first Valentines that he is miles away from me. Valentines is a special celebration for everyone with a loving heart particularly lovers. I could  remember the first Valentines gift of hubby when he is still courting me. He gave me one white rose with chocolates. With my sisters at home he brought Jollibee hotdog and other foods. He used to be a working student before working as a service crew at Jollibee. Continue reading

Thankful to my sponsors

This year has been a bountiful year for my blogs. I am so thankful to all the generous sponsors who trusted my site and consider it as one of the top mommy blogs in the Philippines. Although I do not join in most top blog contest or popularity contest, I am very grateful that advertisers found my esupermommy site to be in the list of reliable mommy blogs in the Philippines that brings good motherhood and family topics to the readers. Continue reading

Shopping with mama

Its been a long time ago since I do shopping with mama. We live in the same house but because of our tight schedule we usually see each other at night and I have not spend a chit chat with her for a couple of weeks of months ago.

Since hubby wants to stay home and car is not available today, I insist and still wants to go shopping. It is important to do my weekly grocery shopping because it is already

Continue reading

In the midst of a career decision

This month is a challenging month for hubby. Since there will be several changes to the existing company where he works, he wanted to make sure of good employment and working environment. Like most of his colleagues did, he submitted job applications to other companies. For the past few weeks, he has been untiringly attending job interviews. Now the time has come to do the smart move to decide. Continue reading

Mommy Ordinary Days

Today is another ordinary busy day. I have done my regular online job, took care of little boy and work on my extra online activities. I still want to work more with my blogging activities but I need to pause to rest and to be with my son.

Next month my little boy will be turning four. I am excited because this is the first time that he will be celebrating his birthday in school. I plan to prepare a simple birthday celebration in school with a limited budget. My husband and I are on a tight budget to save enough money for our expecting baby girl.

My baby in my tummy is so active and loves to move around. I always feel her movement compared to my first pregnancy. We are excited and I am a bit nervous for my delivery count down. I always think positive and I trust God.

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while when I last updated this site. My schedule were very tight and currently on my way to complete my first trimester.

It is Friday. As much as I want to go out and make lakwatsa, I need enough rest. My little boy is happy with his PE today. They will play and watch video in school.

I miss my close friends, I hope one day we can have a get together, eat and talk all day :). I miss my sister in Canada too, I have not speak with her for almost a month now. I wish to see my lovely sister soon.

I thank God for friday! Let us make this day meningful. Tomorrow is weekend and a time for family bonding.

Happy Friday!

It’s Positive

Yes! My husband and I are so happy because we will be having our second child. We prayed to have our second child before the year of the dragon ends and thankfully God granted our prayers. I am positive with the pregnancy test and excited to see my Obstetrician.

The age gap of my first child to the second child is four years. We followed the family planning method advised by the church and OB by which we use the rhythm method. We are happy parents and we are doing our best to be good parents to our children.

This time I will now limit working late at night. I will complete my 6-8 hour sleep for my growing baby in my womb.

Praise God! Bearing a child is a wonderful blessing to every family.


I really need to recharge. It is the season of my work and I have so many things to accomplish to meet certain deadlines. There are vast task to do in a limited time. Now I need to rest and sleep for at least 2 or more hours because I have been sleeping so late and I wake up so early to take care of my little boy.

I feel that my body needs a rest and I do not want to get sick so this lunch time I am going to take a sleep. I will prepare my little boy’s meal first and feed him before I sleep. It is not that easy to be a work-at-home mom especially if you do not have a housemaid. Before I started my online work, I have to clean up and fix everything. Nowadays, it is hard to get a trusted house maid. I wish and pray that I can be a strong mom to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to be a good mother for my family.

I am experiencing so many challenges and I need to be strong….