Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Fix some clutter in the bedroom

Finally after completing my online work, I was able to fix some clutter in the bedroom with the help of our kind helper. In preparation of my delivery, I need to fix and arrange our things in the bedroom. Although my expected date of delivery is on January 2013, it is better to prepare early. My baby is rapidly growing and each week I need to take extra care with my movement.

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Family Entertainment Room

After going to work or school, or after straying at the mall, our nostrils are on our way home, and our body is in search of something comfortable from the long walks we had. After opening your main door, the living room will welcome you and the couch is very much inviting to put you into rest.

After lying in the couch, it is all up to you to close your eyes and sleep read a magazine, turn on the radio, turn on the TV and watch your favorite show, or open the video player to watch your unseen movies from the theater. Continue reading

An Organized Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house yet often neglected. When unorganized, we have to waste precious time every morning while preparing breakfast when we are in a rush going to school or work, or stole the quality time for family because of the unplanned dinner meal.

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Safety Cutters to Keep

When doing your scrapbooking, when you are cutting thick boards, and when you are packaging a box, what are the other options you can think of to easily have these things done without the help of scissors? A cutter! Surely, you want something that is safe and handy!

  • Rotary cutters are very convenient to use as it has a circular blade generally used to cut fabric. It is similar to the cutter of whole pizza to cut into equal pieces.
  • Compass circle cutters are designed to cut perfect circles just like the compass of the children in school to build perfect circle to make color wheels.
  • Box cutters are the usual cutters you see as it is also called a utility knife. It is retractable wherein it is used everywhere.
  • seatbelt cutterare used for emergency when the buckle does not function well. Other cutters are suitable for cutting clothing items.

    safety seatbelt cutters

    safety seatbelt cutters, credit:

Those are just some of the cutters that would bring suitability to our needs so, let’s not stick only to a pair of scissors as cutters could match your needs.

A visit to our soon to be home

Today my family and I visited our soon to be home. Last december 2011, we received the notice for our house take out and the PAG-IBIG loan approval. We considered it as one of the big blessings that received last Christmas aside from a good car that we acquired.

It was a great year to start. Next is the plan of finishing the house because we bought it as bare type. We are so happy and excited. I keep on thinking and calculating our budget for the year. I am so thankful! Praise God!

Reading fengshui for the house construction

Again, I  resume reading about fengshui articles. It will serve as a guide for our house construction next year. Since from the start when we choose a house and lot, I applied fengshui tips. Now that we are about to start the construction next year, it will be our guide.

I always pray to God that may he shower more strength and blessings for our new home.

This will be updated as we move to our home plan.

Architectural Works

After the busy season of my online work now I am into architectural designing. My husband and I were very excited for our future home. We really want to save budget in building our home so in advance while my hubby is busy with work I help him to visualize what our dream home would be. 
At first, we tried to draw some sketch for the draft of our home. We need to visualize more and be realistic with the measurements and position so we’ve decided to do architectural designing. Thank God that I have a background with some engineering fields that makes me comfortable with measurements and the like. We have installed a software so we can create architectural design for our future home.
There are many fields to be learned in architectural designing and I am glad that I am learning a lot each time I design. I have already created the architectural design of our house but I still need more things to get it done. I’ll be more patient and hard working so I can come up with the best one.
Aside from architecture I also apply the best or good Feng Shui positioning that I have learned. I love what I am doing. Currently, I freeze my web design study to give way for my architectural plans for our home. 
While doing this, I have learned that Feng Shui is not just an old practice or saying or tradition but it has a beneficial factor with healthy living. Architecture is also an interesting area for building houses and any plot. It is considered a good foundation of the house built.

Home Plans and fixtures

Owning a house and lot is truly the big dream of every family. I am very excited in the process of owning  house and lot because we are waiting for the turnover.
To my excitement, I even tried to draw the draft of the divisions inside the home and plan to look for other things to decorate our home. I look for simple furniture and appliances that maybe a great help living comfortably in our home. The paints and lighting is also important in the aura of the home. I found home with minimalist designs including the furniture and things inside. It looks clean and neat with the minimalist design especially in the interior design of the house.
Usually at home, living room is the part of the house that home owners focus in beautifying the area. I think it is because the living room is the main part of the house where family gathered together to relax and this is the place where the guest stayed when they visit the house. A curtain gives beautiful attraction inside the home with its good color combination. I found out that vertical blinds is also a good alternative for curtains. It is very convenient to use because there are types of blinds that are  waterproof, washable, fire retardent and you can match your decor it its color and design. The dining and kitchen area is also a great place in the house because this is the place where we prepare and enjoy the food.
I am really excited for my simple dream house and I hope my plans will come true.