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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease where it affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. MS is caused by the damage of myelin sheath, the one that protects the nerve cell. When this protector is damaged, nerve impulses are slowed down then became an inflammation. The inflammation happens when the body’s own immune cells attack the nervous system.

There are many therapies for multiple sclerosis however, there is no known cure. The good news is, there are drugs that slows the progression of MS as follows:

Interferon Beta-1a is a drug that is produced by mammalian cells Continue reading

Wearing eye glasses for eye correction

I am now wearing eyeglasses for eye correction. Last week I have consulted an ophthalmologist because I have been experiencing sudden eye fatigue and I cannot work long hours in front of the computer. I am complaining most especially with my right eye. The eye test results determine that I have a mild astigmatism at the right eye. The normal vision is said to be at 20/20 vision meaning you can read at 20 feet a letter that most human beings should be able to read at 20 feet.

Filipino Work-at-home mom wearing glasses

Filipino Work-at-home mom wearing glasses

Currently I am at 50-75 eye vision. I ask the doctor about it and I was told that it was not that bad I am just closely to near-sighted and it can be corrected by using eyeglasses with the appropriate lens and healthy lifestyle. That means that I should sleep and rest my eye at the right time and eat nutritious foods specially Vitamin A.

Medical benefits

Being a work-at-home mom has many advantages but there is also some disadvantage that I found. Medical benefits are limited because normally when you are working at home, it is your responsibility to apply for medical benefits like the Medicare suppplement plans. Since my hubby has medical benefits covered by his employer, he also applied me as an extension for the medical benefits with an additional charge monthly. Some of the benefits  are coverage for in-patient, out-patient, emergency, preventive care, optional dental care and other added features. It is also important to consider that the healthcare provider have the excellent medical treatment from the finest hospitals and clinics.

It is good to have medical plans especially with family members because it may help you with your medical bills and expenses. There are different medical plans that are provided. It is best to review their medical coverage and benefits so you can choose the appropriate plan that suits you. If you are in the US, you can apply for medicare through the Social Security Administration. In the Philippines, there is a social security benefits like sickness, maternity, retirement, disability, death and funeral. It always depends on the members contribution. Even though I have SSS, having a medicare plan will surely be a great help for my medical needs.

Importance of water… Let’s drink to it!

glass of water

Glass of water - importance of water

I was sick for the past few days and the main reason is my water intake. I remember that I was not taking enough water for the past weeks. Being very occupied at home and busy with my online work and blogs sometimes makes me forget to drink water. Approximately 90% of water is present in human body which shows that water plays an important role in our body. Water is very important because it cleanse, energize and keep our body active. I have blog about drinking enough water for a healthier you last year but I almost forgot it and now I need to remind myself. Continue reading

Migraine strikes back

Today after cleaning the bedroom, I experience painful headache and it really hurts. I can’t do my regular activities being with my family this Sunday. I would also like to update my blogs but I think I need to rest so I will be energize and active this week.
The last time that I experience migraine was last year of July. I also shared what causes Migraine.

Dengue strikes

Yesterday I accompany my teenage cousin at MCU hospital to have a laboratory test for CBC with APC. She’s been experiencing on and off high fever for almost four days, muscle and joint pains and some rashes occurs on her skin. These are some symptoms of dengue. Aside from my teenage cousin, we also found out that my little second degree cousin was also confined in the hospital because of Dengue.

After the laboratory test, we have known that the platelet values are below the normal range with the help of our friend doctor so we decided to immediately bring her to the hospital. Together with his brother we send her to a government hospital in Manila. She was admitted and the hospital provided the safety measures to treat her.

We arrived at around 11:30 pm and I must say that the public hospital was very strict. Although they are so strict, order and cleanliness was observed inside the hospital so it is fine but I hope they should talk to the patients or guardian in a nice way and not just like insects to move us away.

I am praying and hoping that  my cousins will be treated nicely and will have  fast recovery.

Practical Healthy habits

As a super mommy, I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle so I can live well that I can perform at my best for my family and work. My parents are really disciplinarian specially my mama; as I grow old I notice that I inherited most of the character traits from my mama not that so strict but I can say that it is a way of living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the practical healthy habits that I observe.
 Practical Healthy Habits
  • Every time I wake up, I arrange and fix my room before going out. It is a good form of stretching that before you go out of the bedroom your mind and body is condition with a simple task.
  • I drink half glass to 1 glass of water after I wake up in the morning. It helps replenish the energy that were lost upon sleeping for long hours.
  • Eating big breakfast. In my weight loss program, having a big breakfast is really good because as hours passed by you are going to crave and eat less in the next few hours which is very helpful in weight loss.
  • Taking a bath before working. Even if I am only working at home, I always take a bath first before starting my online work because it refreshes our body and gives a good cool mood for the rest of the day.
  • Relax your eyes. Since I am expose to the computer most of the times, I rest my eyes every two or three hours by closing my eyes for a moment and go to a place where there are nature colors like green, blue and brown (good thing we have a mini garden in front of the house).
  • Brushing my teeth after eating sweets. Aside from the regular brushing of teeth, since I love sweets and chocolates I also brush my teeth every time I ate sweet snacks to avoid tooth decay.
  • Avoid getting your hands wet after a continuous computer work or any other related task that may lead to hand tremors/ shaky hands (pasma in filipino) according to popular beliefs by our grandparents. If I really need my hand to get wet I condition my hand by using an alcohol first rubbing both hands with it then after a few minutes my hands are ready.

Have a regular bowel movement

Most of us didn’t think about our bowel movements, some people just think about it when they already feel something uncomfortable and a health problem occurred. Every person has different bowel habits and the general range is from three times a day to three times a week. My regular bowel movement is daily and I really feel happy, healthy and comfortable with that habit. Let me share to you some of the good tips to have a regular daily bowel movement.

supermommyjem’s tips:

  • Every morning when I wake up, I always do some stretching first drink a glass of water then for my breakfast I would take 1 cup of coffee, a full breakfast meal with a serving of fruit (depends on my mood) and another glass of water. After breakfast, I usually prepare for bathing but before that I organize some things, watch or read the news then after a few minutes of concentrating on something presto I’m into my bowel habit. It makes me feel at ease everyday after a successful bowel habit.
  • Our food intake affects our bowel movement so if you wanted to have a regular bowel habit you should eat fiber rich foods and enough water for good digestion. Some of the healthy foods that are easy to find in the market in the Philippines are sweet potatoes, sweet corn, bananas specifically “Lakatan” because “Tundan” bananas are good for diarrhea and papaya. One of the best healthy green leafy vegetable to eat is the “Saluyot” or Jute Leaves which can commonly be found at the backyard in the Philippines. 
  • For juice drinks, the very effective healthy juice drink that can make our bowel soft and easy to pass is none other than “Buko juice” or “Coconut juice”. I usually give Buko juice to my little boy when he has a difficulty with poo poo (bowel movement) instead of suppository.
With the above tips, you can have a regular bowel movement. It is really healthy if you have that regular habit and it will make your day so comfy. 
I hope I’d inspire you.

The Calories we burn from our daily activities

In my previous post, I tackle about calorie and its important role in our body and now I am wondering how many calories we burn in our usual daily activities. From the moment we sleep till we wake up and perform our daily task we burn calories. I personally research the amount of calories burned based from a regular activities of a person. The amount of calories burned in the activities depends on the body weight, age and condition of health.

Calories burned from daily life activities:
(This is approximately based from a healthy condition of an average adult with a body weight of 63 kilogram. Yeah it’s me)

  • Sleeping calmly (per hour) – 56 calories – I usually sleep in 6-7 hours per day so that would be 336 or 392 calories burned.
  • Taking a bath in 15 minutes – 20 calories
  • Household walking (per hour) – 120 calories
  • Using  ladder / walking upstairs (10mins) – 82 calories- Since my bedroom is in the second floor, I always use a ladder to go my room.
  • Reading a book, magazine (per hour) – 80 calories –  I usually read the post in my computer.
  • Watching Television (per hour) – 60 calories
  • Typing/ encoding in a computer (per hour) – 93 calories
  • Playing with kids (per hour)– 150 calories - I love playing with kids especially with my toddler and my niece.
(Photo of my playful little boy with supermommyjem)

I really don’t want to deprive myself from eating the foods I love so whenever I eat a  high caloric foods, I tend to burn my high calorie intake by doing activities like walking or playing with my little Boy then I drink a lot of water.