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A signature electric guitar

Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster Electric Guitar is in its lowest price! Every rock star would love to have this guitar since it is associated with Dave Murray. To give knowledge for those who do not know Dave murray, he is one of the earliest members of Iron Maiden – a British heavy metal band.  Dave Murray became interested in music when he was 15 that lead him now to be the founder and guitarist of Iron Maiden. Currently he is already 56 but still love to rock n’ roll! Continue reading

Sound Quality USB Interface

USB or the Universal Serial Bus helps us to transfer files from one device to another as define by the Encarta dictionary, USB is an external interface standard designed for communication between a computer and attached low to mid speed peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, etc. Cameras, videos, and audios were able to connect at computers because of USB and with that, here are some gadget samples that will fascinate you. Continue reading

The Pillars of the Earth, Night Four

This is the finale of the miniseries. Jack had worked on several structures in France while he is trying to look for his father’s family. Aliena with her baby followed Jack in France by following the trail of his carvings. In the evening Jack with Aliena decided to leave the place and return to Shiring. He also brought a stone that was discovered there releasing droplets of water by the evening and a book. On their way home, a woman distinguished the face of Jack that resembles to his father. Good thing that Aliena speak French and they are so lucky to have met Jack’s grandmother and his relatives. Sooner they returned to Kingsbridge. Waleran who is now the bishop offers new position to Philip but that would mean that he should obey all the things the Waleran wanted.

Jack and Aliena received a warmth welcome when they arrived at Kingsbridge. Jack has learned how to fullfill Tom (builder) dream’s of a cathedral filled with light. He brought a stone that believe to be miraculous that he used in the holy statue carvings. Kingsbridge became prosperous again as Jack tries to rebuild the cathedral and Philip has regain his priory in Kingsbridge. Bishop Waleran trick Alfred to get rid of Jack resulting to Alfred’s death. Jack has been accused by Alfred’s death and was captured by William Hamleigh who became the Sheriff appointed by Waleran. He was judge in front of the people with Waleran to hang him to death. But to Waleran’s surprise a dark secret was revealed from his past and now it pay backs time. He climb high to the cathedral to run from people but he fell down and died.

Richard finally became the Earl of Shiring without a problem. Aliena and Jack has been solemnized formally in church wedding by Prior Philip. After that event everything went good and no war were declared.

I just did some shortcuts in the story. I so love “The Pillars of the Earth”! I hope there will be movies and miniseries like this.

The Pillars of the Earth, night three

I was so delighted and have a great pleasure in watching star movies last night. At 7PM, I have watched centurion then next is “The Pillars of the Earth” night three. I love movies full of action, drama and more of medieval stories.

As expected, I am so satisfied with night three of “The Pillars of the Earth” mini series. Prior Philip of kingsbridge was saved from being hang to death. Jack is not dead. They received a warmth welcome when they return to their place where they are building the cathedral. Most scenes in this part focuses on Jack and Aliena’s character. Tom the builder was killed and his son “Alfred” is his successor. Alfred married Aliena but her heart belongs to Jack.Jack survived from being poison and now I wonder how big is his character involvement in the story. Aliena gave birth and Jack is father. She was not accepted by Alfred and push her away. She met the mother of Jack along the way and she told her about her son. She then travelled to France to look for Jack.

The top part of the cathedral collapse and 79 people died. Because of that Prior Philip was expelled. Tomorrow is the night four and I am so excited for the continuation.

Thanks Star Movies for satisfying my movie pleasures. Although there are commercials in between the showing, it is fine because I can do some quick extra task while commercial is playing.

The Pillars of the Earth, Night Two

I have watched “The Pillars of the Earth”, Night Two last night at star movies again. A magnificent retelling of Ken Follett’s epic masterpiece, The Pillars of the Earth is set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles, which tears lives and families apart. There are four parts of the miniseries and this is the second part.

The miniseries was based from a great book of Ken Follett. At first, I thought it was a movie but then I found out that it was a miniseries. As the miniseries progress, it has shown more of a drama, focusing on characters and relationships. There is a suspense on what will happen next to the vicissitudes of a prior, characters involved and to their community that struggles to build a cathedral as they protect themselves during the 12th century. The empress Maud and Stephen are fighting for the crown of England after the death of Henry I.

In night two, a young and ambitious monk named Philipp who is the prior of Kingsbridge was captured. Jack, son of the outlaws Ellen was said to be dead but in the last scene her eyes suddenly open from being laid with the other dead bodies. I am so excited to watch the night three.

The pillars of the earth, night one

Last night while I am taking care of my little boy I have watched “The Pillars of the Earth” night 1. It was shown at star movies. The movie trailer was aired several times weeks ago and I found it interesting. I love watching epic knights tale and historical novel movie. Some find it boring but for me its a great pleasure.

The settings of the movie is truly interesting. I was touched at the part of the movie when two moms are giving birth in two different places at the same time. The first mom is fortunate to be living in a wealthy family but the other is unlucky. Her family is very poor with no shelter  at that time and she passed away after giving birth.

There are too many emotions revealed in the movie especially at the last scene and too many  hidden secrets yet to be known on the next part of the movie. The movie that I have watched is only night 1 and I am excited to watch the night 2.

Hannah Montana “Miley Cyrus”

My niece “Ish” (four years of age) really loves music and so with my little boy. They enjoy watching the latest music videos especially the top music videos and usually they sing-along and dance with their favorite singer. One of the popular singer that they like is the American pop singer, song writer and film actress Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana title character in the Disney Channel series. Since my niece sometimes ask questions about her and the music I also do some research about Miley.

Basic Info about Miley Cyrus

Name: Miley Ray Cyrus
Birth name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
Birthdate: November 23, 1992
Age : 17
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius (It says that majority of the popular successful stars were born under this sign)
She idolizes Britney Spears.
Popular Songs: See you again(2007), Breakout(2008), 2009- present — The Climb, Party in the US, When I look at you
Latest Movie: The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston.

Here is the official Music video of the song “When I look at you” theme song from the movie The Last Song.


Miley Cyrus is really talented and I like her lovely face. Although there are some controversial issues about her I am explaining and showing the good things that my niece can imitate from their idols. More power to Miley that she may deliver more great songs for the new generation.