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You are redirected from For the past 48 hours, my site was down. Sorry for the inconvenience. My web-hosting is still trying to resolve the issues that they are having and I am optimistic that they will restore my site’s data.

Although I have a backup of my site, it is old and starting fresh is a very tedious job. I can do it technically but the major challenge is time. Being a work-at-home mom with two kids, having a regular online job, and no helper at home, I need to extend much more of my time to do this.  Continue reading

Starting to be productive in blogging

I have almost lose my time in publishing post with my other blogs. The one that is only active is Now I am trying to get the pieces back while there is still a flame.  As what I have mentioned in my previous post, this year is the most difficult year that I experienced in my family life. A growing family needs enough attention and responsibilities to nourish them with love and care. Continue reading

Good Benefits of Blogging

Yesterday, I have a beautiful full day event. Aside from my regular work-at-home, I also blog to share my wonderful experiences that might be helpful especially to moms.

Since I became a mommy blogger, there are several event invitations that I received. Although we are not paid in attending the events, the learning from experiences are good benefits that a blogger can get.

I am so happy to meet my fellow mommy bloggers once again. They really make me complete in my online blogging world. I consider them as my officemates that we share the same interest and advocacy.

If you are a blogger, how was your blogging life?

New domain of this blog

Finally I have setup the new domain of this blog from to The title would still be “Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy“. This blog mean so much to me. This is the first blog that I have created and I am so happy that I have touched and inspired many people.

I always think positive so every time I blog I want all the positive energies in me to come out. Through blogging, I shared my life’s learning on the positive side that aims to inspire. Life is beautiful. There are many things that inspires us. It could be a thing, person, places or words but what’s important is that you share it.

Domain buying plan for this blog

Now that my schedule is not that busy, I am planning to manage this personal blog of mine. This blog has so many inspirations that I need to take care of. I have collected almost every wonderful quotations, saying, biblical messages and every beautiful thoughts here. I have collection of beautiful inspiring quotes and many other inspirational post that if you dig in you will feel and think really positive.
I hope I can find a new domain name for this blog. Then next plan is to have WordPress self-hosted.

Im back with my blogging routine

I have been so busy for a couple of months ago because of my priority with my regular online job. I only update my blogs with a few post and sometimes wasn’t able to publish some. Thank God that I am already revive from months of hard work of three hour sleep and irregular sleep. 
My plan this month is to update my blogs and weblog with my fresh informative post. I will also schedule my post for the week so it will be updated for at least three to five times a week. Aside from publishing informative inspiring topics, I will also update my blogroll and link exchange of all my sites.
Lastly, optimizing my sites to generate extra income and I will continue my web design study. I need to re-design my first ever website because some designs are not compatible with other browsers.
Of course, I missed joining blog contest and I am planning to join at least one/ two contest per week. I also need to update my peer group “Pinay Mommies Community” I missed them all and the chikahan!

My first versatile blogger award

I received several blog awards but I wasn’t able to link back on the other awards because of the super tight schedule. This time I would like to make a quick post for the versatile blogger award. I have been chosen in the versatile blogger award by Mama Mia here is her post about her second versatile blogger award.
She commented in my recent post “Swimming at the Splash Island” that she awarded an award for me. I would like to thank her for this award.
The following are the accompanying rules for this award:
  1.     Thank and link back to the blogger that awarded you the badge.
  2.     Share 7 things about you.
  3.     Award 5 or 15 other bloggers.
  4.     Contact these bloggers to let them know about the award.
Seven Things about me :
  1. I want simple things and to live simply but comfortably.
  2. I am a Computer Engineering Graduate has basic knowledge in all aspects but don’t have a specialization.
  3. I just lately learned web design and development (not that broad because it is only self-study). I already designed a simple website, integrated wordpress to it and done some SEO.
  4. I love to learn how a website behaves and I also learned some tricks but time is not enough to implement because of some priorities.
  5. I preferred to be a work-at-home mom and I thank God for having a regular work online.
  6. My top priority is my family and it can’t be replace with money like career over family.
  7. I am a faithful honest person. When I feel so down I pray deeply to our dear creator and it makes me feel good.
I would like to award this badge to the following versatile bloggers: (I only choose five because I have to admit that I am running out of time)

  1. Anney (
  2. Mona (
  3. Matt (
  4. Arvin (
These are the top five blogs that I would recommend to read and that I love to read. I may not be leaving a comment as always in their blogs but I do read and visit them.
I hope that they will also pass on the award.

Been Busy

I am so busy. For a few minutes, I rest my fingers and create a little update for my post here. I am so thankful that I have now a housemaid that can help me out with the household chores. I am thankful with my aunt because she was the one who refer the maid. There are so many things to do. I need to teach the helper with the house rules and her daily chores schedule. I need to work more with my online task.
Thank God that tomorrow is my pleasure fun day with my family. We will be going to the Splash Island in Laguna. I am a bit excited. I have so much more to update with my blogs possibly this weekend.

Inspired by Pinay Mommies Community (PMC)

Yesterday I am so happy to meet in person the members of Pinay Mommies Community here in the
Philippines. I am so thankful that I finally found a group that I can share with the same interest that I can relate to.

I must say that most or all mommy bloggers in the Pinay Mommies community are humble, thoughtful, generous and supportive. I believe that those are the spirit of Pinay Mommies Community. I love the group and I will treasure this. With these group, I was energized and inspired to work online, to pursue my mommy blogging career and it strengthen my motherhood life because they can share something when it comes to motherhood topics.
I will be posting some photos later because I have a work online to prioritize.