Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM

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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

My little boy’s 4th birthday

It’s my little boy’s birthday today. We have decided to celebrate his birthday in school tomorrow but of course today is a special day. We prepared some food for the family sharing.

He is now four years old. Time flies so fast that is why I do not want to miss his growth and development. Since I got married, I surrender myself to be a full time mom. I became a work at home mom. It is almost five years of my married life and I am thankful that God bless me with a regular online home-based job.

About my little boy, he resembles my face and my husband. He is so energetic, playful, smart, and very sweet. I  am grateful for having such a wonderful son like him.

My simple wish in his birthday: I wish him good health, to be a good boy and respectful, and to pass all the different encounters in life.  We love him so much and we will be here to protect and guide him always.

In my motherhood life, I have learned that family is the most important treasure in life. What’ s the worth of your gold if you do not have a family?

Happy Birthday Bim!

Happy, happy birthday to my dear niece “Bim”!

Happy birthday Bim
Happy birthday Bim!

My birthday message: As your tita, I wish you many more happiness and blessings to come. You are a bright girl and I know your parents together with your grandparents, tita’s and tito’s were very lucky to have you. You have grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Just keep up the good work and don’t rush your moments. There are many wonderful things coming your way especially in college so enjoy, be wise and always listen and follow your parents. They know all the best for you. We love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear nephew!

Today is the birthday of my dear nephew “Oswald Patrick”. I would like to greet him a very happy birthday. He is my first nephew from my sibling. I have been part of his life from the day he was born until today although he is now living in a different house. I just reminisce how he brings happiness to our home when he first arrived in our life. His grandparents were so happy as well and I feel how they love my nephew so much. He is growing up so fast and I can’t imagine how I also grow up so fast a mom now.

Filipino family
Happy birthday Oswald!

My birthday wish for my nephew:

“I wish you a very happy birthday! May you grow to be a happy good boy. I know that you are now experiencing early adolescent period but you will always be my cute nephew boy that I used to bring at the mall before. I hope you will follow what your mam and dad would advise you to do because they only wanted the best for you. You are so lucky to have wonderful parents vice versa thay are so lucky to have a handsome boy like you. Always be a good boy and enjoy your day “kuya” as I called you. Again Happy Happy birthday!”


Tita Mimay (hehehe this is my pen name at home)