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Life's Learning of a Filipino WAHM - Work-at-home Mom's Inspiring Stories and Experiences| Beautiful Quotes| Events| Gospel | Prayer

Selling our Well-maintained Hyundai Getz Car 2006

It is almost a year when we’ve decided to sell our family car. Hubby and I never had a problem with our Hyundai Getz 2006. We’ve been very happy with this car whenever we use it in City driving or out of town driving.

Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale

Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale, credit

Now we’ve concluded that we need a new car which is bigger because we are now five in the family including my mother-in-law. The solution is to sell our Hyundai Getz and get a new car.

As of October 17, 2013 our car Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale was posted at I hope we can sell it before our target date.

Well-maintained Hyundai Getz Car 2006 For Sale Description

Hyundai getz 1.1 manual transmission
All power (windows, locks)
Pioneer head unit usb and ipod ready w/ remote
Leather seats
Fuel efficient
Tires 95% thick
Chrome design door handles, head and tail lamp
Chrome tail pipe
Newly changed oil castrol semi synthetic
Well maintained
Clean engine bay
Negotiable. See to appreciate.

For interested buyers, click on the link above to view my post in and contact details. Thank you.

The Ultimate Coupon Lingo List

The coupon first appeared way back in the 1880’s when Coca-Cola used it to entice people to buy its “tonic,” and it’s come a long way since then. In 2011, savvy American shoppers saved over $4 billion clipping coupons, and the sour economy gave birth to a new breed of consumer: the extreme couponer.

coupon list

Image courtesy sdc2027 via Flickr

These money-saving gurus can stretch a dollar further than a fitness band, turn the ten-items-or-less checkout into a veritable hell, and have their own lingo. Apparently though, their hard-core tactics pay off. They plot with coupons similar to those with the best lotto winning strategies, and put those snippets of paper through their paces.

You may not be a coupon Black Belt, walking out of the grocery store with a week’s worth of dinner for free, but getting acquainted with the lingo will help you navigate the world of coupons like the pros do – and save like them, too.

B1B1, B2G1, ETC:  Not as common as its twin term “BOGO,” but it operates just the same: each B stands for a buy; Buy 1, Get 1, Buy 2, Get 1…you get the picture.

BOGO: Now entering a more widely used lexicon, BOGO stands for Buy One, Get One.

Blinkie: You know those little machines with tiny blinking lights that project out of aisle shelving and spit out coupons? To you, they’re convenient; to the initiated, they’re blinkies. Continue reading

On Manila sublet

Rooms, apartment, house and condominium for rentals are becoming in demand nowadays. With the rising population particularly in Metro Manila, many people choose a place where they could stay comfortably and most of them rent. Metro Manila is the capital city of the Philippines where you can find the vast good opportunities, businesses, mall, fine living, excellent schools, great hotels, good paying job and a lot more. Those are the reasons why many people from the provinces try their luck by moving to Manila.

It is true that there are good opportunities in Metro Manila as long as you work hard with discipline. Regarding the job opportunities, it would still depend on a person’s qualifications, abilities and attitude  on how to be successful. The people living in Manila with own houses are said to be lucky. Although some do not have their own houses, there is always an option to rent. Whether you are looking for a room or a condo, you will surely find  Manila sublets for good accommodation. In the early years, scouting for rooms or condominium units for rent is a tedious job. Today, good thing that there is a helpful site that manage in this area. The website is Manila sublets.It is Philippines’s largest and No.1 Room For Rent / Sublet / Short Term Rental website with over 1,000 listings posted online all across Philippines, Manila, Antipolo, Caloocan, Cebu, Pasig, Quezon City, Taguig, Valenzuela, and Zamboanga City.

Choosing the type of accommodation or rentals is so easy to do in There are two menu tabs which are Rooms for rent and Short Term Rentals. Under rooms for rent, you can choose for rooms preference, hot locations or even type the keyword in the search box at the left portion. For short term rentals, you can search for the short rentals category, keywords and hot locations.

The difference with rooms for rent and short term rentals are the type of arrangement and booking reservation. The short term rentals require you with three simple steps if you want to rent a place or want to rent out your place. The payment will be processed online with their payment system . With rooms for rent, you can directly contact the owner or poster of the room for rent and negotiate them the pricing and payment system. For more details, Kindly visit

Affordable Educational Wooden Toys For Sale

I started a small online business a few weeks ago and now I am marketing it. I sell affordable educational wooden toys which was posted in my Experience of a Super Mommy website. These wooden toys are educational, affordable, safe and non-toxic. The wooden educational toys are great for gifts for kids that may help them develop their learning in numbers, shapes, colors and logic.


Some of the top selling wooden toys:

wooden toys building clock

wooden toys building clock - Php340

wooden toy number train

wooden toy number train - Php 220

wooden toy - geometric building blocks

wooden toy - geometric building blocks -Php300

wooden toy bead maze

wooden toy bead maze - Php180

You can order online by submitting an ORDER FORM. For more details please visit Affordable Educational Wooden toys for sale.

For Sale Affordable and Cheap House and Lot in Caloocan City, Metro Manila (SOLD OUT)

- Affordable house and lot for sale in Metro Manila at low budget, low cost and cheap. Accessible. -

For Sale:

House and Lot at Maypajo, Caloocan City (South Caloocan). Walking distance to the market (Maypajo Market), church, school and hospitals (Martinez Hospital). The place is almost the boundary of Manila. Accessible.

– 38 sq. meter lot area
– with exisitng house currently with 2 divisions for rent.
– NHA title grant to the owner already (with original NHA Land Title)

Price Php 380,000.00 (approximately $8,630)
The price is low cost because the buyer will be the one to shoulder/prepare the documents for the absolute deed of sale (we can provide the necessary information needed and documents such as the title). Currently, the electricity and water service is under a sub meter.