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You are redirected from For the past 48 hours, my site was down. Sorry for the inconvenience. My web-hosting is still trying to resolve the issues that they are having and I am optimistic that they will restore my site’s data.

Although I have a backup of my site, it is old and starting fresh is a very tedious job. I can do it technically but the major challenge is time. Being a work-at-home mom with two kids, having a regular online job, and no helper at home, I need to extend much more of my time to do this.  Continue reading

Celebration this Christmas 2013

A few more weeks and it is Christmas. Because of the monster typhoon “Yolanda” that had caused devastation in the Visayas part of the Philippines particularly in Tacloban City, Leyte province many people joined together to help. We are so thankful that huge donations in kinds and monetary were donated by hundreds of people all over the world.

Some companies even skip their Christmas party events this year just to extend their donations for the victims of Yolanda typhoon. Various groups and organizations were formed to be part in helping the Yolanda victims and in restoring the development and economy of the province.

Even though we have experienced this kind of madness extremely those who are affected with the Yolanda typhoon, we should still hope for a brighter tomorrow. Christmas is a very special event and I believe that we have to rejoice and celebrate this wonderful season of love and sharing.

We share our blessings and we pray for them. This Christmas season we should not forget the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. Joy giving and forgiving, love, and let us always be a blessing to others. No matter how small or big, a simple present in any form could make a big difference.

Selling our Well-maintained Hyundai Getz Car 2006

It is almost a year when we’ve decided to sell our family car. Hubby and I never had a problem with our Hyundai Getz 2006. We’ve been very happy with this car whenever we use it in City driving or out of town driving.

Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale

Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale, credit

Now we’ve concluded that we need a new car which is bigger because we are now five in the family including my mother-in-law. The solution is to sell our Hyundai Getz and get a new car.

As of October 17, 2013 our car Hyundai Getz 2006 for sale was posted at I hope we can sell it before our target date.

Well-maintained Hyundai Getz Car 2006 For Sale Description

Hyundai getz 1.1 manual transmission
All power (windows, locks)
Pioneer head unit usb and ipod ready w/ remote
Leather seats
Fuel efficient
Tires 95% thick
Chrome design door handles, head and tail lamp
Chrome tail pipe
Newly changed oil castrol semi synthetic
Well maintained
Clean engine bay
Negotiable. See to appreciate.

For interested buyers, click on the link above to view my post in and contact details. Thank you.

Starting to be productive in blogging

I have almost lose my time in publishing post with my other blogs. The one that is only active is Now I am trying to get the pieces back while there is still a flame.  As what I have mentioned in my previous post, this year is the most difficult year that I experienced in my family life. A growing family needs enough attention and responsibilities to nourish them with love and care. Continue reading

Fixed Eyeglasses

Finally my eyeglasses was fixed. Thanks to my loving husband who spent time in fixing my eyeglasses. It’s important for me to wear this because I am usually in front of the computer as a work-at-home mom.


Now I am enthusiastic in working more but the problem is my notebook computer. It is now showing errors and about to crash. Before the program is totally crash, I am now doing back-up and copying the files in my mobile drive.

With my fixed eyeglasses my hubby used mighty bond to fix it. It was broken a few months ago but because I have extra eyeglasses I did not fix it immediately but this eyeglasses is more comfy than my extra big eyeglasses.

Super Mommy!

I need to shout out, Super Mommy! There are so many bunches and dozens of work to do. I cannot find me-time. Exhausted! It was so hard to be a super mommy. Yes! I am a super mommy. I need to be one of those super mommy heroes having super mommy powers and extraordinary strength so that I can perform my duties and responsibilities well. Continue reading