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Wedding invitation ideas for 2012

It is summer again and this is usually the start of busy months for couples planning to have the June wedding. For church wedding, there are many things to prepare such as documentary requirements, venue of the wedding church and reception, wedding attire, entourage and guest list, and of course  wedding invitations. Wedding invitation is one of the most important thing to prepare before the wedding  day because it served as the vital form where we could find the necessary details about the wedding proper.

In my church wedding a few years ago, I was the one who do the planning, organizing and management. Being the wedding organizer of your own wedding is a tough job so I decided to ask a little help from my close friends and relatives. Since I created a personalized wedding invitation, it took so much of my time and wish that I should have bought wedding invitations from a trusted company specializing invitation cards. Before I started doing the invitation cards, I choose my own design through web searching. It is very time consuming because you need to edit design, text and other things. The wedding theme should match the design and color of the wedding invitations.

tangeringe color wedding invitations
Tangerine color wedding invitations, credit:

The photo above is an Ecru Insert with Orange Pocket Wedding Invitations. I found it at that looks so appealing. This year (2012 Year of the Water Dragon) the color trend is said to be Tangerine Tango that I have read from The fashion trend this year will likely be classic and vintage. I think the orange pocket invitation card in the photo above is so perfect this year. It is a classic ecru invitation that looks simple yet elegant. The guest that receives this invitation will surely think that the wedding event is stunning, momentous and  happy to look forward to.

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  • Betty Seu says:

    For my wedding, my fiancé and I decided to have a rustic themed wedding since we’re both into nature. I considered wooden invitations but I wasn’t sure. I saw the beautiful wooden wedding invitations that Unique Custom Products had created and I was SOLD! We had complete control over what was on our invites and we even engraved a picture of us on it! They also offered matching save the dates and reply cards to complete the invitation suite. I received our invitations yesterday – they are absolutely beautiful! They’re perfect! I would definitely recommend them to any meticulous bride who is looking for a unique way to invite her guests to her special day! Call Ormond on (877) 282-9591 or check them out at

    June 20, 2013 at 7:44 am

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