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Home-based jobs in the Philippines

I am working as a regular employee in the office before, although I am single at that time I still find other ways to earn extra money because honestly the compensation is not enough to buy other things that I wanted and keep savings for myself. During those times, I earn extra money by selling assembled computers and second hand laptops with the help of my boyfriend. It was tiring for me because I manage this extra work after office hours and mostly weekends making my time limited to spend time with my family and friends and even for my personal interest.

Those were the days where time is very hard to manage for my other interests like pursuing my web design study and do other businesses that I like. At home, I have learned many ways to earn money and I considered it as home-based jobs.

Here are some of home-based jobs:

1. Online/ Internet jobs

This is the number one in my list because more people nowadays are using the internet.
The job requires you to have a good internet connection. There are many advertisements that claim to be an online job but only a few of them are legitimate. I have created an original article about work at home online if you wanted to pursue this online job so you can be guided.
2. The make money online
This is also an online job but I categorized it as number two because I believe that there is a difference between the two. In my own experience working in an online job for almost fours years now, the compensation is based on fixed rate monthly and with my first online job experience the compensation rate depends on the project.
With “the make money online”, it depends on your productivity on the Internet most likely these are the blogger that earn money through Internet marketing and advertisements. I am not yet into details about this but I will be posting an article about this once I have experience it.
One of the great helpful blog I’ve found about “The make money online” was the blog of Marhgil Macuha.
There are other things that you can make money online like the PPC programs (pay per click), make money by reading emails, make money by answering surveys, etc. I have tried these programs before but unluckily it was not my interest so I didn’t earn from this. Some people really earns from this.
3. Home business
I called this job as an “Offline job”. Why? It is because you can have a home business without the use of an Internet although some home business also uses Internet to promote their products it still depends on you.
Some home business that I like are mini-store, product distributors (Avon, Fuller Life, Natasha, MSE exchange, etc.), Internet cafe that can be place near your home, E-loading business, Menu Short order (Filipinos love to eat and if you love to cook foods this maybe for you), restaurant, sewing and tailoring services, clinic services like medical and dental and home-made goodies (Polvoron, Chocolate, cookies, cakes and pastries). Of course there are still many small businesses at home and you just have to choose the one that fits in your interest.
Always remember that passionate people succeed in achieving their goal. There is no job that will make you earn more money if you don’t work hard for it.
I am comfortable working at home that’s why I achieve my goal to have a work at home job. You must love your job so in return they will also love you. As long as your happy and contented with the kind of job that you have right now, you should be thankful so many blessings will come.
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